TWCOG LLP is an independent commercial advisory firm in the global energy sector.

It is dedicated to helping oil and gas industry organisations create successful projects, mitigate risk and resolve disputes. Our expertise comes from our experience in complex transactions in the oil, gas and LNG sectors.


TWCOG provides experts recognised for their unparalleled depth of knowledge of, and industrial track record in, creating such transactions. In addition, its experts are particularly active in the resolution of disputes that may arise in these areas.


TWCOG LLP has a dedicated and experienced team of top-class analysts that support its activities. The company provides experts and consultants with global experience across the value chain, fully supported by a team of experienced industry analysts and consultants.


TWCOG LLP specialises in assisting clients throughout every stage of the resolution of disputes, from early assessment of the case, to development of a case strategy, analysis of damages, and settlement implementation. Our experts are highly competent at communicating the findings through expert reports and verbal testimony in International Arbitration and in state courts.

Our Services

Commercial Consultancy

TWCOG LLP provides advisory services throughout the world, in the field of detailed commercial advice to the Oil and Gas industry. On behalf of our clients (Governments, NOCs, major IOCs & utilities and independent E&P companies), we are a leading consulting and advisory firm across the value chain from upstream PSCs to downstream sale and purchase agreements……

Expert Witness Services

Arising from our extensive commercial experience in the oil and gas industry, TWCOG personnel frequently act as Expert Witnesses in disputes. Individuals from TWCOG’s London and Singapore offices have been engaged as testifying experts in disputes related to: Gas (and oil) pricing; Quantification of damages under non-performance disputes; Force majeure issues……

Analyst Group

TWCOG LLP has a dedicated and experienced team of top-class analysts that support its activities. This Analyst Group team performs in-depth analysis and rigorous research of markets, economic analysis of companies and projects, and provides full support for the Expert Witness activities in litigation support. The experience of its analytical team enables…..


TWCOG LLP and it’s affiliates have been engaged by over 350 clients worldwide

View some of the projects that we have recently worked on:

Offices in London & Singapore

TWCOG LLP is a knowledge-based company, based in London and Singapore, that is focused on the global natural gas industry. We provide commercial expertise in wholesale gas marketing, cross-border gas sales and transportation, and in the international arbitration of commercial disputes. We assist companies and nations throughout the world to establish gas markets, to develop natural gas resources in a responsible manner, and to settle disputes in existing contractual arrangements. 

Asian LNG Market

Based in Singapore, TWCOG Pte Ltd is a market-leading consulting and advisory company with a focus on providing commercial services to the gas and LNG industry. We offer multidisciplinary expertise to address complex business challenges in gas and LNG. In particular we specialise in product sales agreements, terminal and pipeline agreements, litigation support, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, and risk mitigation. We provide a well-respected combination of commercial, business and industry experience in this industry to meet the requirements of our clients throughout the Asia region.