Providing advisory services throughout the world.

We are specialists in the field of detailed commercial advice to the Oil and Gas industry:

Commercial Consultancy Services

TWCOG LLP provides advisory services throughout the world, in the field of detailed commercial advice to the Oil and Gas industry. On behalf of our clients (Governments, NOCs, major IOCs & utilities and independent E&P companies), we are a leading consulting and advisory firm across the value chain from upstream PSCs to downstream sale and purchase agreements. We particularly specialise in the complex commercial arrangements surrounding gas and LNG developments, including long term and short term sales & purchase agreements and pipeline/terminal throughput agreements. TWCOG LLP is renowned for providing Expert Witness support in price reviews and pricing disputes across the spectrum of the energy industry

TWCOG LLP provides high level advice regarding fiscal regimes, project financing and development, product commercialisation, economic risk evaluation & assessment and third party access or infrastructure sharing. We frequently lead the negotiation of such complex commercial arrangements as well as provide advice in the background to drive projects to completion.  

TWCOG LLP has extensive experience in project commercial support, and in contract negotiations worldwide, to assist clients during the development of greenfield and brownfield projects in the oil and gas industry.

TWCOG LLP’s experience centres on the negotiation (or renegotiation) of product sales contract(s) and has been gained principally in the gas markets of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It extends from North Sea pipeline gas and transportation agreements, to development of new Middle East gas pipeline projects, and includes negotiation of LNG SPAs into Japan.

Expert Witness Services

Arising from our extensive commercial experience in the oil and gas industry, TWCOG personnel frequently act as Expert Witnesses in disputes. Individuals from TWCOG’s London and Singapore offices have been engaged as testifying experts in disputes related to:

  • Gas (and oil) pricing, including price reviews under long terms gas and LNG supply agreements;

  • Quantification of damages under non-performance disputes;

  • Force majeure issues; and

  • Other commercial disputes in this industry

TWCOG LLP clients can tap into a great depth of knowledge and experience that spans the whole globe. We can provide an expert with specific experience from any particular region in Europe or Asia, or with global experience in international transactions.

TWCOG LLP has provided Expert Witness Services in over 60 commercial disputes in the Oil, Natural Gas and LNG industries. TWCOG’s Experts provide support in discussions and negotiations to resolve such disputes, and frequently give Expert Witness testimony in International Arbitration.

TWCOG’s Experts provide a broad scope of capabilities, including, but not limited to, the formulation and recommendation of an appropriate claim structure, valuation and assessment of the current and historical market value of gas, assistance in commercial negotiation, the assessment of contract prices in line with market trends and the valuation of damages in performance disputes.

The TWCOG Expert team comprises of experienced professionals who are highly regarded in their respective fields. Their experience spans over 40 years in the industry and involves senior positions held at international Energy companies. TWCOG’s Experts operate globally, working from London and Singapore.

  • Disruption to gas supplies from Russia to European buyers

Analyst Group

TWCOG LLP has a dedicated and experienced team of top-class analysts that support its activities. This Analyst Group team performs in-depth analysis and rigorous research of markets, economic analysis of companies and projects, and provides full support for the Expert Witness activities in litigation support. The experience of its analytical team enables TWCOG LLP to fully analyse understand the value of products in the international oil and gas industry, both at a global and at a local level. Through building bespoke economic models and using sophisticated, uptodate analytical methods, TWCOG LLP can assess market worth of products, the value of oil and gas assets and infrastructure, and the detail of contractual pricing mechanisms.

TWCOG LLP is frequently called upon for complex data analysis when acting either as an Expert Witness or in an advisory role in the resolution of contractual disputes. This analysis has to be of a standard that can be used if such disputes go into International Arbitration, and includes the valuation of the quantum of damages in such disputes. With its outstanding Analyst Group, TWCOG LLP is ideally placed to provide such support for its experts.

TWCOG -Training & Conferences

TWCOG’s experts have been providing training to the industry on gas supply contracts for over 20 years. We train all levels of personnel in commercial issues related to these complex contractual arrangements, providing in-house training and public courses. In particular our short program on gas pricing and price reviews has proved immensely popular. Our upcoming courses are listed below:

Negotiating Gas & LNG Contracts – 29 – 31 July, 2024 Kuala Lumpur

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Wilks will be sharing his extensive knowledge in Gas & LNG Contracts in July 2024, presenting a 3 day course in KL.

Please click here for details of the course and to register.


Following on from the successful Azerbaijan Arbitration Days conference in Baku which was held in April, Mr Anthony Way is delighted to announce that he will be one of the speakers at the Global Disputes Summit in London on 1-3 July 2024. The conference will be covering topics such as key trends in International Arbitration, how to choose an Expert and exploring the new dynamics of Arbitration.

For further details or to register to attend, please click here.